A glimpse into the rich history of the Cathedral of Christ the King

Christ the King Church began in a home in Sharpsburg, GA in August 1996 with 19 people. A few weeks later, the church met in a funeral home chapel in Peachtree City. For over six years, the congregation met, grew, and prospered in this venue. 

The church acquired 11.5 acres of land in Coweta County and built the first building, a new sanctuary, a little over six years after the church began. A couple of years after that, a new Parish Life Center was constructed which housed a fellowship hall, classrooms, and a kitchen.

In 2007, with the election of the church’s pastor, Father David Epps, to serve as the Bishop of The Diocese of the Mid-South (Georgia and Tennessee), the church was designated a “cathedral,” that is, the headquarters church of the bishop. 

The church regularly hosts clergy gatherings, convocations, and training opportunities. One Presbyterian congregation that was having difficulty with finding affordable facilities met rent free (but paid a token amount for utilities) at CCTK for two years until they found a suitable worship area.

The church facilities have also been made available to several non-profit organizations including Healing for Heroes, the Marine Corps League, East Coweta High School, Girl Scouts of America, and the Williams Syndrome Foundation, among others.

Many members of the church carry the mission of the church beyond the walls with at least twenty being recognized as “Community Missionaries.”  A number of men from CCTK have been ordained to the ministry with four leaving to serve as pastors of other congregations. Several of the CCTK clergy serve or have served as chaplains to hospitals, hospices, veterans groups, and law enforcement.

The church is a strong supporter of global and domestic missions efforts, ecumenical relations, and pro-life endeavors. The membership of CCTK comes from nearly every major denominational and non-denominational background. 

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